2001-12-07 || 10:59 p.m.

|| quite a nice friday. tip top. ||

(my kelly is here right now. we are watching harold and maude in case jeff and jaime want to finish their harold and maude tour (pacifica is left, and the sutro baths) this weekend. we are eating chocolate chips and plans are falling apart left and right (we left our joe in san francisco, sigh.) so we are here under blankets. the apartment smells like a waffle iron. for the first time in a year and a half, after the indoor hat and scarf wearing, the novelty of seeing my breath when i wake up in the morning, the seven blankets with option of unzipped sleeping bag, i turned on the heater. it wasn't so bad. kelly pushed in the pilot light button and i lit the match: heat. i just fear the faulty nature of this apartment's appliances. the sweet fingertips of carbon monoxide and flames shooting from the radiator grill.)

today i had lunch with four real live people. i laughed too hard and bits of chip flew from my mouth and it was lovely.

my sissy met the work ladies. we walked in on the middle of an impromptu holiday mini-party (amount of time between this and the last office potluck: 5 days.) and i said 'hey everybody, my sister's here!' clapping of hands and pats on shoulders and kelly was offered egg nog and tiny cupcakes adorned with red and green frosting. apparently we look very much alike ('it's the cheeks.'). apparently she looks older. it's in our faces. apparently i am a very nice girl and well loved by the work ladies.

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