2001-12-08 || 9:35 p.m.

|| kelly does berkeley ||

i am visting my sister this week. a week that has proven to be much too short for too many reasons. we are listening to jethro tull because it reminds her of me. kind of like when i sit in my room on bad days and listen to halo benders and mirah and the bent drawl of calvin johnson because it transports me to jenn's room. she is sprawled out on her sky blue carpet drawing a picture of meow meow looking very unpleased with how it turned out.

today me and jaime and jeff and dan went to marin. there were trees and water and birds and all of my favorite things in one place. it made me loathe san diego. it made me hate the sunny beaches and the ex-boyfriends and the locust all waiting for me when i get home. i want this... i want a sister living down the street and my best girlfriends only a bus ride away and a boy who likes trees and leonard cohen and chainsaws.

the flute solos. i love the flute solos.

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